Black Jeans

Risky Fashion

6 Easy (But Cool) Ways Celebrities Are Styling Their Black Jeans Right Now

Black Jeans

If you’re anything like me, your black jeans are potentially the one item you wear the most out of your entire wardrobe. Now, there’s nothing wrong with wearing and loving one particular item in your closet over and over again, but what I have found is that the more I wear my black jeans, the less creative I become in terms of styling them. I always fall back on the few lackluster looks I have notched in my belt instead of branching out and trying something new. Well, today, that’s all going to change. 

I decided to do some celebrity outfit research to see how some of the stars have been styling their black jeans as of late. From Digi to Paprika, I was pleasantly surprised by the easy (but cool) looks I discovered. Most were black-jean outfits made up of items we probably all already have in our closets, but for the pieces we’ll have to buy, I shopped them out for you here. 

Ahead, go on to see six of the best black-jean outfits I spotted on celebrities within the last few months, and shop everything you’ll need to get the looks for yourself. 

You can never go wrong with an oversize blazer–and-denim look. The thing we love most about Bella’s particular ‘fit is that she unexpectedly paired it with sporty sneakers. That contrast instantly took this look from pretty basic to really cool.  On Bella Ha did: Nike x Off-White Air Jordan 5 Sneakers; Lulu Guinness Bingbo Bibi Tote 

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